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Over 48? Stop what you are doing and get in a program that is designed with YOU in mind. Your body and your priorities have changed, shouldn’t your workouts change too?

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Colin Triplett


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Born and raised in Santa Clara County, Colin has been interested in health and fitness ever since his first introduction to a weight room while playing football at Bellarmine.While this was a starting point, it was not until college that he was driven to make a difference in the health and fitness industry. During his sophomore year, his long time ...

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Before you dive in, there is something we want you to know: We understand. Most fitness facilities these days seem like all they care about is working you to death, then blaming you when you get hurt or do not get results. The truth is, if you are over 40, the workouts you used to do just won’t work anymore. It’s that simple, but no one seems to care about the 40+ crowd. We do.

We have been specializing in getting people JUST LIKE YOU results for the last 6+ years. When you work with us, you can expect: To lose weight (and KEEP it off). Personal training that leaves you feeling energized and accomplished. TRX, Boot Camp, and Cardio classes that will boost your metabolism and give you the results you want in a fraction of the time. Full accountability and expert coaching that keeps you on track. A clean, inspirational space where you feel comfortable and safe.

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