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Kendra Sato

Kendra is a Gilroy native and has been drawn to athletics since she took her first gymnastics class at 6yrs old. She found her passion burned brightest in the game of soccer and played competitively for 11 years, and in her last year, she helped De Anza College to advance to the California State Final Four.

Her love for soccer is what then lead her into coaching, first as a youth soccer coach, and then eventually into personal training. While coaching soccer, she saw how poor conditioning leads to injuries in her players and knew that she needed to learn how to help her team improve their strength and conditioning.

What she began to find was that this information was not just important for her players, but her friends and family as well. Everyone needed better information on how to get fit and stay healthy, which is why she decided she could have a bigger impact by going into personal training and teaching people how to eat, think, and train for optimal health.

Education & Qualifications

Kendra has an extensive background in coaching, starting with her work in youth soccer where she obtained her license through the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA).

Once she transitioned to personal training, she completed an internship in Woburn, Massachusetts at one of the top training facilities in the country, and is a Certified Functional Strength Coach through Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC).

Certifications Include:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer
    • Broad knowledge of the human body, muscle function, programming strategy, and exercise science.
  • Function Movement Screen: Level 1 Certified
    • Developed by physical therapists, the functional movement screen is a way of assessing and grading movement to find and fix the greatest risk for injury.
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach: Level 1 & 2
    • Specific knowledge around functional exercise, core strengthening, injury prevention, and optimal exercise programming for long-term health and fitness.
  • Precision Nutrition: Certified Nutritional Consultant
    • Knowledge around nutrition, meal planning, client education, and behavioral science.    


“I believe that everyone deserves to live the fullest life they desire and should never be held back by health and/or fitness limitations. I know that we are all far more powerful and capable than we realize and it’s more of a matter of tapping into your powers than being born with or without them.

I strive to help inspire, empower, and guide people to live the lives they want through balancing life’s demands with great nutrition, strength training, and outdoor activities.” - Kendra

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