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Personal Trainer Los Gatos Weight Loss Program

Let’s face it, there are a ton of different ways you can approach exercise and many of them will work. The problem that most people face when it comes to exercise is sticking with it.


To help get you better results in your fitness program, here are 3 tips to make sure you keep going back:


1. Train smart. The #1 reason you stop working out is because you get hurt. And whether you are training on your own or in a group, you have to stay smart. What does that mean?

Personal Training Los Gatos Exercise Program

First, please warm up before your workouts. And don’t just do 2 minutes on a bike and call it good. Include some foam rolling, active stretching, and a few movements to get you ready for your planned workout that day.


Second, be okay about stopping. Just because you wanted to do 10 reps on an exercise doesn’t mean you have to. I am all for pushing yourself, but do not compensate to compete a movement.


Third, start slow. If you are just getting into a routine, don’t jump in and do the same workout you did 3 months (or years) ago when you were more consistent. Ease into your training and just focus on showing up.


2. Pair it with something. The hardest part about exercise is that it takes time! Time that most of us do not have. So, if you are going to make it happen, you have to tie it to something you already do.


This could mean working out first thing in the morning (tied to waking up), or right before work (tied to your commute), or at lunch (tied to your lunch break). Use something you already to do be the cue or trigger that leads you to the gym.


3. Get a coach. If you really want to make exercise a priority, there are few better ways to do so than having someone to hold you accountable (and can assist with the first goal of training smart).


Personal Trainer Los Gatos Fitness Program


There is something powerful about having someone expecting you and putting your training session on your schedule that makes it happen when you have struggled in the past.

When it comes to exercise and achieving your fitness goals, consistency is really the foundation, so if you are having a hard time finding that routine you were looking for, hopefully these tips will send you in the right direction!


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