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How you start your day will often dictate how the rest of the day goes. While you may not always be able to control everything in your morning, here are a few things that can set you off on the right foot:


1) Lemon Water


Having a tall glass of water with a half or whole lemon squeezed into it is not only a refreshing way to wake up, but it also has been shown to have a number of health properties including better digestion, improved immune system, and increased metabolism.

2) Look at Your Goals

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Hopefully you have your life goals written down somewhere. If so, giving them a quick glance first thing in the morning can be a great way to remind you why you are doing what you are doing.


3) Keys for Success


A good follow up to #2 is to write down a few key things that you need to get done today that will make you feel like you made progress toward your goals. Another way to think about this is to write down what actions you can take that will help you feel like it was a “good” day.


4) Exercise


Whether it is 5 minutes or a whole hour, movement in the morning is a great way to boost your brain and get your body warmed up for the day.


5) Meditation

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Having a sense of calm throughout the day can be critical to performing at your best. Stressors come at us left and right, but if your mind is in the right place from the start, you will be more able to take it all in stride.


6) Reading


Putting positive, useful thoughts into your head each morning can be a great way to get the day started. Even if you read just 10 pages of a thought-provoking book, you will be setting yourself up well. Here are a few titles I recommend if you are not sure where to start:

  • The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

  • The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

  • Mindset by Carol Dweck

  • Tools of Titans by Tim Feriss


7) Protein Shake

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Breakfast in general is a great idea, but if you really want to supercharge your morning, a protein shake is the way to go. Protein is often the hardest thing for people to get in during the day, so by starting off with a good protein boost, you will be helping to increase energy, cut cravings, and feel satiated for the day.


8) Skip the Snooze


Set up your alarm clock system so that you cannot hit the snooze! Snoozing is a rough start to the day and only makes you more tired. It's much better to just get yourself out of bed and get going. You will see that you wake up much quicker when you approach your morning this way.


9) Gratitude


Thinking about or journaling those things you are most grateful for is a great way to get your mind right for the day. It is so easy for us to go into negative town that remembering all that we have to be grateful for is a nice change of pace.


10) Pack Your Snacks

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The most dangerous “meals” of the day are snacks...but only because we never seem to be prepared. It’s 3:00pm, your stomach is starting to speak to you, but you don’t have any good you grab what is available. A better approach is to just pack your snacks in the morning -- that way you don’t have to think about what you are going to do AND you will have a health friendly snack!


While I don’t expect that you will have time to do ALL of these, even if you can just incorporate one item from this list, you will be on your way to a better day.


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