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At Mint Condition Fitness, we’re on a mission to inspire and empower people to live their lives without limits.

Every day people are overmedicated, put under the knife, and told what they “can’t” do anymore because of their age.

“That’s just what happens when you get old,” is something that we hear way too often...and we want to prove that qualify of life and health does not have to suffer as you age.

You CAN run, jump, play, and love life after 50. But you need someone there to show you how to overcome the mental and physical limitations that are put on you...and that is why Mint Condition Fitness exists.

As a Marketing Coordinator, you will play a critical role in helping us spread this message and inspire people to take action. It’s not easy to overcome the inertia that weighs people down over the years, but we know that once action is taken, new life is given.

And you are going to be the one to help generate that action. You are the match that will set a fire under our prospects and show them that there is hope and a path to a better life.

To do this, you will be directly involved in the implementation and oversight of all marketing projects to drive qualified prospects into our facility every month. You can expect to be challenged to learn and grow in all aspects of online and offline marketing to help increase the quantity and quality of prospective clients we connect with.

Who We Are:

Mint Condition Fitness was founded in 2009 with the purpose of helping men and women live their lives without limits.


Besides being the #1 rated personal training studio in Los Gatos, we are also unique because we specialize in fitness over 48.


Just about every program out there right now is designed for the 20-30 year old, but when you hit 40, things start to change, and by 45-50, you need to have a program designed with you in mind.


What You Will Own:

  • Support the marketing team in designing marketing campaigns to enhance and protect the MCF brand

  • Keep website design and online marketing fresh, creative, and consistent with branding

  • Design mock-ups for landing pages, blog post images, social media images, HTML emails, infographics, and more

  • Come up with creative designs that increase website conversions, click-through rates, and drive response

  • Design print advertisements, magazines, info-pack documents, and more

  • Reflect the company's brand in ALL of our products (binder covers, training materials, large-scale banners, etc.)

  • Help create a 12 month marketing calendar with specific action steps for each project

What You Need to Have:

  • Excellent communication skills: You are the first point of contact for most people, so your ability to communicate well with them will shape how they see the whole company.

  • Thoughtful and organized: Completing a task is not enough, you must be thoughtful about what you are doing, plan ahead, and ask the right questions to improve everything you work on.

  • Willingness to take on new tasks: There will be new and challenging projects that come up and will force you out of your comfort zone – be prepared!

  • Growth mindset: Personal and professional development is not optional. To be the best, you must always be looking for ways to improve.

  • Flexible and adaptable: All the planning in the world cannot prepare you for everything and when new tasks pop up, you need to be ready to take them on with a smile on your face.

Questions You Will Be Helping Us Answer:

  • How do we connect with the RIGHT types of people?

  • What message will best inspire those people to want to take action?

  • Where do we find and connect with the best candidates for hiring?

  • How do we improve our systems for creating and implementing marketing projects?

If you think you are a good fit for our company then we want to hear from you! Once you complete the form, you will receive a follow up email with further information. Please follow the instructions in the email to complete the application process.

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