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Have you been so focused on career and family that you’ve neglected your fitness? If so, you are not alone. It is actually quite common to wake up one day and realize that 10 years have passed and you have not taken care of yourself in the way that you should have.


And if this is where you are right now, your biggest challenge to getting back in shape will be knowing where to start. It can be intimidating to start a fitness routine when you have been out of the game for so long.


The good news is that it’s not too late to get started and achieve the health and fitness that you know you will need to live your best life over the next 50 years.  The key is to just get started, and walking can be a great first step.


Here are some guidelines and precautions to begin a walking routine that will strengthen your muscles, your lungs, your heart, and even your mind.

Step One – Get Motivated

Personal Training Los Gatos Weight Loss Program

You may have a tough time getting started if you don’t tap into your emotional energy before you begin. After all, it can be hard to start any new practice, especially when you’ve settled into a routine that seems comfortable to you now.


The best way to get motivated is to study the benefits of walking and think about how those benefits will positively impact your life. You can potentially lose weight, increase your lung capacity, build strength and provide more oxygen to your brain…but only if you keep those benefits in mind.

Step Two – Get the Walking Gear You Need

Personal Training Los Gatos Exercise Program

Before you start your walking routine, equip yourself for success. You’ll need some flexible shoes that will support you on your walk. I recommend getting shoes that you can fully bend (many running shoes only bend at the toes, not the heel).


Make sure you also have comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing that can be seen easily when you walk near roadways.

Step Three - Set Reasonable Goals

Personal Training Los Gatos Personal Trainer

No matter what you are doing, it’s important to start with small goals that you can accomplish easily to build your self-confidence and motivate you to try bigger goals. This is especially true when you start an exercise routine, even if it is just a walking routine, because you have to build up your strength and stamina.


When you’re setting your first goal, keep in mind that your level of fitness is unique to you. You might need to start with a 10-minute session or a 20-minute session, depending on your current level of fitness.

Step Four – Listen to Your Body

Personal Trainer Los Gatos Fitness Program

As you begin to practice, pay attention to what your body is telling you about your initial abilities. If you overdo it, you’ll end up taking time off or quitting altogether. As I always say, the most important thing in fitness is consistency…so do whatever you need to do to KEEP up your routine.


To help ensure that your body will feel its best, start each session with a warm up stretching routine and then end with another stretching session to cool down.

Step Five – Challenge Yourself

Personal Trainer Los Gatos Weight Loss Program

After you have started, I would recommend slowly increasing the difficulty of your walks. While movement is always good, the body responds best to challenges. So, if you walk for ten minutes today, try 15 tomorrow.

Ways that you can increase the intensity include:

  1. More time

  2. Hiking on uneven terrain

  3. Walking up hills

  4. Increasing your speed

  5. Carrying a backpack


You may also want to eventually join in community events or competitions to add a sense of purpose and camaraderie. When you do, you will have more fun and you’ll get social benefits from it too, making it more likely that you will stick with it!


Follow these five steps and start taking positive action toward your health and fitness today. Is walking ALL that you need to stay fit and health? Probably not.


But the point is not to be perfect right away, it is to get started. Build your strength, endurance, and confidence here and then you will be better about tackling other fitness activities.


And when you are ready to do more, we can help! We specialize in designing custom workout programs that meet you where you are at and build you up slowly.

A lot of people are scared of gyms and trainers because they think they will get beat up, but we understand what it takes to progress people appropriately so that they stay safe while also improving their strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina.


The key is to just get started and find something that will help ensure that you KEEP doing it. You have a lot of life left to live, so start taking action today to have the health and fitness you want!

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