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Do you still eat the same way you did 10 years ago? What about 30 years ago? If you do, you may want to take a moment to think through your diet and make sure it is giving you everything you need as you are getting older.



The two most common problems that can compound themselves as we age are vitamin deficiencies and metabolism.



Luckily, there are a few simple adjustments you can make to replenish your body and live optimally. Following these simple guidelines may not stop the clock completely, but they will definitely slow it down!


Personal Training Los Gatos Weight Loss Program

1: Pay Attention to Micronutrients


You may have heard of a dietary craze called “Macro Dieting.” This diet focuses on eating a prescribed amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.


While it’s always important to pay attention to the macronutrients we consume, as we age, studies have shown that the body needs more and more MICRO-nutrients. Not only will these micronutrients help with energy, digestion, skin health, and bone density…they will also play a huge role in preventing cognitive decline.


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So, what is a micronutrient? There are many that come in the form of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Most people are deficient in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and iron. If you want to know specifically what you need, you can always do some testing, but we recommend a very high quality multivitamin to help with this (not your typical over-the-counter).


If you can get a pharmaceutical grade vitamin, your body will be able to digest and absorb the vitamins and minerals much better.


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2: Eat “Less”


Aging causes our bodies to naturally slow our metabolism. As a result, we actually need fewer calories as we get older. If you are stuck carrying 10 extra pounds that you didn’t have in your 40s, you may need to adjust your food intake.


The reason “less” is in quotations is because I do NOT want you to start counting calories. The best way to change the amount of food you eat is to change the type of food you eat. So, I am actually going to tell you to eat more!


Not more of just anything…more vegetables. When you add veggies to your diet, you will fill up faster while also getting more nutrients to help with our first recommendation. If you are already eating 5+ servings daily, then I would focus on adding more lean protein (meat, fish, chicken). This will also fill you up faster while helping you to maintain muscle mass.


Personal Trainer Los Gatos Fitness ProgramPersonal Trainer Los Gatos Fitness Program

3: Drink More Fluids


Water intake is crucial to optimal health at any age. Oftentimes we think to drink water because we feel thirsty. Sounds obvious, right? Unfortunately, perception of thirst can actually decrease with age. This can lead to dehydration, which comes with a whole slew of complications. Sluggishness, dizziness, weakness, and confusion are all symptoms of dehydration.


Complicating things even further, older adults have a decreased ability to conserve water in their bodies. Medications, illness, or decreased kidney function can also lead to additional water needs.


It’s generally recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. However, this may not be enough if you are active, or do not get a lot of liquid through your diet in the form of fruits and vegetables.


Personal Trainer Los Gatos Weight Loss Program

4: Eat More Sweet Potatoes


The sweet potato is a vitamin A rock star! Vitamin A has loads of anti-aging benefits and antioxidants. Additionally, they’re full of beta-carotene. The deeper the orange color in the sweet potato, the more beta-carotene. This carotenoid can help with cataracts, preventing heart disease, and preventing certain cancers.


Yellow, white, and purple varieties are all delicious when steamed, boiled, baked, or sautéed. There’s no need to slather them with butter and marshmallows in order to make them taste good! Okinawans, who have one of the longest life expectancies on earth, consume a diet largely made up of sweet potatoes.


That’s saying something!


So, should you eat differently as you age? Yes and no. Everything I recommended you should start doing no matter what your age, but the older you are, the more important it is to dial in your diet.


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