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Does Tequila Help With Weight Loss?

Does Tequila Help With Weight Loss?

Forget wine...tequila is the new “health” booze! Or is it?

Recently an article went viral (Tequila is linked to weight loss, study claims) that argued a new study recently showed tequila helping with weight loss...woohoo!!


Unfortunately, as with most things that sound too good to be true, the findings are not as awesome as they sound.


If you actually look at the research article,you see that tequila was not even involved in the study!


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The agave plant (which is used to make tequila) was the focus of the study and it was the sugars (called agavins) that help to reduce blood sugar.


As it reads:


Of course, the agave’s claim to fame is as the plant from which tequila is made. López explained that agavins are the only carbohydrates used to produce the drink. All ethanol in tequila comes from the fermentation of glucose and fructose generated after agave pines are cooked. But because the agavins are converted to ethanol, agavins are not found in the finished product.”


So sadly, there are no agavins in tequila.


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However...that does not mean there is nothing to be gained from this study. The fact that agavins are a sweetener that does not cause blood sugar to rise is still important.


And unlike agave syrup, which is very high in fructose sugars, agavins are made up of fructans...which are more of a fiber than a sugar.


That means that agavins could end up a better choice as an alternative sweetener than agave syrup and certainly better than any artificial sweeteners.


There is still more to learn about agavins, but the real moral of the story...don’t start adding a shot (or 3) of tequila to your daily routine and expect the pounds to come off.


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