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5 Steps to Getting Your Body Back

5 Steps to Getting Your Body Back


Let’s face it…what used to work just doesn’t work anymore :(


That doesn’t mean you can’t still get results...but you DO need to approach your fitness from a different angle.


When you were young, you could get away with things like:


·       Crash dieting

·       Killing yourself in the gym

·       Following the latest fad diet

·       Crossfit


But now, you need to take a more sophisticated approach. Here are the 5 key steps you need to take to GET YOUR BODY BACK!





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I know this sounds awful…but you know what is worse that starting slow? Hurting yourself. Just know that “starting easy” doesn’t mean NOT challenging yourself.


It means not doing the same workout you did when you were 20 or 30.


Our brains get stuck in the past and we remember what we used to be able to do (more on that later)…but if you try to jump in at that level, you are going to end up hurt.


So, take everything you used to do, cut it in half and start there. The truth is, you are going to get way better results for working out 3 days per week for the next year than trying to workout 6 days a week for a month and then quitting because you feel like you are about to die.



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You want to know why people can’t get results as they age?


Because all the things you NEED to do to stay fit are the things you have been avoiding your whole life.


Things like stretching for men.

Things like weight lifting for women.

Things like balance training for everyone.


So, if you want to get your body back, you need to start doing those things you have been avoiding!


The good news: once you start seeing how much better you feel…you will start to actually WANT to do these things.


You just have to get over the hump.



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It’s true, you are going to fail. Probably a lot.


We all’s how you get better at things.


But what makes failure so hard as you age is that you have an image of who you used to be. What you used to be capable of.


It’s not that you are struggling, it’s that you are struggling with things you USED to be good at!


And this is a hard pill to swallow.


Your only choice is keep fighting. Keep showing up and trying your best. Keep challenging yourself and while it will take longer than you want…you WILL reach your goals.



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Your life is crazy busy. Between work, family, travel, social events, and philanthropy, you barely have time to sit down for a decent meal!


That is why you NEED someone to help keep you accountable to showing up for your workouts. It is way too easy to push them off if you don't.


This could be a friend that you meet down at the gym, someone you call weekly to talk with about your goals and progress, or a coach that you meet with regularly.


The point is, don’t leave it up to you and your “will power” to show up…because life WILL happen and exercise is always the first thing to get bumped.



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Successful people focus on “behavior goals”.


Unsuccessful people focus on “outcome goals”.

It’s not that successful people don’t have outcome goals (earn X amount of $$, lose Y lbs.), but they spend their time worrying about how to create the habits and behaviors that are going to make those goals come true…not the goals themselves.


If you want to start seeing better results in your health and fitness, write down your goal somewhere and then plan to look at it in 6-12 months.


Now that you don’t have to worry about that anymore, write down the 3 things you need to do to reach that goal and focus all your effort on energy on making those things happen.


If you keep up those actions for the next 6 months, I guarantee you will make progress toward your goal. And in the end…progress is all you can ask for.


Follow these 5 steps and and you will be well on your way to getting your body back!


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