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At Mint Condition Fitness, we’re on a mission to inspire and empower people to live their lives without limits. Every day people are overmedicated, put under the knife, and told what they “can’t” do anymore because of their age. “That’s just what happens when you get old,” is something that we hear way too often...and we want to prove that quality of life and health does not have to suffer with age.

People CAN run, jump, play, and love life after 50. But they need someone there to show you how to overcome the mental and physical limitations that are put on them...and that is why Mint Condition Fitness exists. So, where do you fit in?

If you are an eager and ambitious person who resonates with what we are trying to accomplish, but does not have the experience needed to get started in the industry, our internship is a great place to start.

As an intern, you will learn what it takes to get people results, be a fitness professional, and create a career in a field that you love.

You can expect to be challenged to learn and grow in all aspects of coaching and communication to help improve the value you bring to your sessions and your clients.

What is Involved

As an intern, you will get trained just like we would a new coach, but with extra attention to increasing your knowledge and skill sets.

Program benefits:

  • 8 weeks and 40-60 hours of on-site experience
  • Three levels of coaching experience: shadowing, co-coaching, and lead coaching.
  • Daily feedback from our group of world class coaches.
  • Supplemental educational material to help support your growth.
  • Mentoring from our head fitness coach

Once you complete our program, you may also have the added benefit of being asked to stay on as a Mint Condition Fitness Coach.

Benefits of Being a Fitness Coach @ MCF

Besides the unique benefit of working with an incredible team of like minded individuals, we also strive to make our coaching experience second to none.

Coaching Benefits:

  • Earn up to $80,000/year
  • Paid Seminars and Certifications
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • 401k
  • Health Insurance
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Ongoing Education and Training

This is why we are not just looking for anyone to join our internship program, but rather, we want people who have a long-term mindset when it comes to their career as a coach, and want to be the best they can be both personally and professionally.

What You Need to Have

  • Excellent Communication Skills: Your ability to communicate clearly and effectively will be critical to your success as a fitness coach. You must have the ability to communicate in person, by phone, and through email.
  • Exercise and Anatomy Fundamentals: While we will be training you on a lot of things, you do need to have a basic understanding of the human body, movement, and exercises.
  • Thoughtfulness and Organization: Your ability to think and organize will directly relate to your ability to learn & grow.
  • Service Mindset: There are always more ways to add value to your relationships. Whether that be with members or teammates, you should actively look for new and better ways to serve others. 
  • Certification as a personal trainer: While there is a lot more to training that what a certification can teach you, we need to know that you have a base level of knowledge and are legally certified to be a personal trainer.

What Will Your Investment Be?

The education we provide comes from years of experience and our own dedication to growth and development, meaning that you will finish this program better than most people who have been training for years.

With that said, we invite you to apply for our program for just:

$900 $497

Not certified yet? Check out NASM’s CPT All-Inclusive Program where you will get your certification AND will have the opportunity to apply for an just have to request us as your preferred location.

(NOTE: If you come to us through NASM, your fee will be greatly reduced)

So, if you think you will be a good fit for our internship program, we want to hear from you! Please fill out the form below to apply. Once you complete the form, you will receive a follow up email with further information. Please follow the instructions in the email to complete the application process.



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