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[VIDEO BLOG] 5-Minute Best Belly Blasting Workout

[VIDEO BLOG] 5-Minute Best Belly Blasting Workout


“Help! December just started and my belly is already starting to bulge!” - everyone

Welcome to the holidays! A time for fun, family, and fast expanding waistlines. With all the good food and festivities, it can be hard to keep your gut in check.

That is why we have developed a quick workout that you can do every day to help fight the battle of the bulge.

Before we dive in...a few quick notes:

  1. Exercise is only 25% of the equation... stress management, diet, and sleep are the other factors that will have a huge impact on your belly.

  2. If you find yourself getting stressed, do a quick worst case scenario analysis. Generally when we are under stress, we catastrophize things. When you really think about worst case scenario, it usually puts things into perspective.

  3. It is easier than you think to stay on track with diet. Follow the 80/20 rule and you will survive. 80% of your meals on track, 20% are the parties, eating out, etc. So, just make sure you get in enough “good meals” and the 20% won’t hit you too hard.

With that said, having a daily workout, even if it is simple, can make a huge difference on your health, energy, and can also help out with stress!! So here is our 5-Minute, Belly Blasting Workout:



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