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What is the number one reason people struggle to exercise consistently? 


The question is why are some people able to make the time to exercise and others are not? Well, there is a good chance that if you are struggling to find the time, you have been impacted by one of the following time wasters.

Eliminating even ONE of these could be a game changer for you and free you up to not only get in your exercise, but do a whole host of other things you have been putting off!

The Top 5 Time Sucks:

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1)  Email

These days, email has become one of the BIGGEST time wasters around. 

This is because it’s almost impossible to resist checking it every 10 seconds and every time an email comes in you feel the need to take action!

This causes a neverending set of interruptions in your day and makes it close to impossible to get anything done. 

The solution: Do not...I repeat, DO NOT leave your email window open at all times. Set specific times of day to check your email. 

This can be between one and four times depending on how much you rely on email, but the point is that at your scheduled time, you open it up, deal with your inbox and then SHUT IT DOWN! 

Estimated time saved: 1-4 hrs/day (due not only to time wasted in email but, more importantly, lost time on projects you are getting interrupted from completing). 

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2) Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and on and on. 

There are so many forms of social media that you could literally spend all day browsing, texting, liking, reading, and posting on all of them. 

And some people do! 

The problem is there is almost no value gained from all this activity. And, just like email, this usually just becomes a big distraction. 

And these forums are even easier to get sucked into than email. You might pop onto Facebook just to check to see if a colleague has responded to a message you sent, and all of sudden you have been scrolling down your wall for 30 minutes!

The solution: Cut this out completely until you are done with all your tasks for the day. 

Estimated time saved: 1-2 hrs/day (maybe more!)

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3) Failing to Delegate

I have found that most people do not realize just how many things they do that someone else could do for them! While this does come at a cost, generally the cost is well worth the time saved. 

The solution: I believe that EVERYONE should have a virtual assistant. 


Because for a very reasonable price you can get help with just about everything you need to do. 

Need to research what to buy your niece for Christmas? Have someone else do the research for you! They can send you a list of the best options from which to choose. 

Need to call Comcast about...well, anything? Skip the headache and have your assistant take the lead! They will not only be able to save you the time it takes to get someone on the phone, but they will also be less likely to blow up once they talk to them!

The more you think about everything that you spend your time doing, the more you realize how many things you do not need to do yourself. 

Estimated time saved: At least 2-5 hrs/week, but if you get creative it can be a game changer!

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4) Missing Out on Tech Hacks

Technology is not always a good thing, but when used correctly, it can be a life saver. And productivity is one area where technology shines. 

Just think about the amount of work you can get done today compared to 20 or 50 years ago. The computer (and internet) has changed everything. 

The solution: While there are plenty of awesome tech hacks, there are just a few that are must-haves:

Instacart - save yourself the 1-2 hours you spend shopping every week by having your groceries delivered for you. And guess what...they even go to Costco!

Password Savers - how long do you spend trying to find all of your passwords for things? If you do not have an auto-login system, it’s time to get on it! 

There are a ton out there. Google chrome does this for you now, or you can use something like Dashlane, which will give you access to all your passwords on your phone. 

Audible - if you enjoy reading for pleasure, keep doing it. But if you have books that you have been meaning to read yet keep putting off, it’s time to get into audiobooks. 

There is so much great information out there (including plenty of books on productivity!) and you are missing out if you are not utilizing your commute to learn!

Estimated time saved: 1-3 hrs/week

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5) Poorly Utilizing Your Calendar

Whether you use an online system like Google Calendar or a good old fashioned wall calendar, your ability to plan out your day will greatly increase your productivity and efficiency. 

Look at your calendar right now. How much time is actually “booked”? Chances are, there are a lot of empty spaces, but if you do not actively think about what this time WILL be used for, then it is more than likely going to pass by without much getting done. 

Now I am all for “booking” time to relax or do nothing. But unscheduled free time that is just sitting there day in and day out is going to get wasted. 

This is how you can have nothing to do all day and yet get nothing done. You did not plan out your day!

The solution: Get a more detailed calendar. 

If you are used to using a wall calendar, it may be time to get a calendar that shows your schedule hour by hour. When you do this, you can more easily see where you have openings in your schedule. 

This could be used for all of those things you have been putting off because you “don’t have the time”. Chances are, you DO have the time, you just need to be more organized!!

What Now?

What all of these time wasters have in common is that they arise out of lack of clarity.

If you do not know exactly how you need to be spending your time, then it will get filled up with all types of random stuff. 

If, however, you plan well, then you will know what you MUST get done and will be more inclined to use some of these strategies to save you time!

And if exercise is one of those things that you want to make a MUST, that is where we can come in. 

There is something powerful about scheduling your workouts with a coach. It goes on the calendar. You have someone expecting you. And you know that if you DO NOT show will be getting a call!

So, if you would like to see if having a coach is the right approach for you to keep yourself accountable to your health, I would like to invite you to join us for ourONE WEEK TRIAL.

This program includes everything you need to kick start your exercise program:

A comprehensive phone consultation

A personalized exercise program

Two one-on-one personal training sessions

Two metabolic group training sessions

A fun environment you actually want to come back to!

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