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What to Do When Your Motivation Runs Dry

What to Do When Your Motivation Runs Dry


Motivation is a funny thing. You can feel driven, focused, and invincible one day, then barely want to get out of bed the next.


Sometimes you know why this happens, but often times you feel like your motivation has just left you and you don’t know where to find it.


If this happens to you, I guarantee that you are suffering from external motivation syndrome.


External motivations can be thought of as all of your “shoulds”. All of the things that you should do vs. those things that you value doing.


You “should” look a certain way, or drive a certain car, or have a certain type of life, or like a certain restaurant/movie/show etc.

Shoulds will keep you in a constant state of motivation hide-and-seek. You will feel motivated while your current “should” has your full attention, but you’ll lose momentum as soon as a different “should” comes up.


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How to Create Long-Lasting Motivation


If you want to stop the motivation roller coaster, it’s time to rethink your motivations and start creating new ones.


I think the term “motivation” is actually misused when we attribute it to external influences. If you are doing something because you think you should, you have been peer pressured into it...whether that be by a friend or society.


True motivation can only come from within you and must always tie back to something you value.


Let’s take exercises. I have found that people who start and stop exercising repeatedly are approaching it from the “should” point of view.


“I should exercise because I will look better, feel better, have more energy, etc.”


But, never do they think about what they truly VALUE about what exercise provides them.


Want to know why I workout? Because when I don’t, I stop liking how I am!


I don’t like how my brain gets foggy at the end of the day.


I don’t like how I am more likely to lose my temper with my kids.


I don’t like how negative thoughts start creaping in.


And I don’t like how achy and weak I feel.


These all stem from things that I value (being patient, positive, and productive, for example) and when I go off my routine, I am reminded immediately of why exercise is a non-negotiable.


For you, there may be other reasons that you value exercise. Maybe it gives you the stamina to do the things you like. Maybe when you miss workouts, that nagging back pain starts creeping back. Or maybe you do really value how you look and can notice a change when you stop.


There is no right or wrong here, the point is that this has to come from your values, not from what you think should be important.


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Hitting the Reset Button


As we get closer to summer, now might be a good time for you to hit the reset button on some of your health and fitness goals.

But this time, I would recommend you take the time to reflect on what you truly value and make sure that your actions align with those values.


Is this easy to do? No! That is why so many people suffer from external motivation syndrome.


But if you ever want to break free of this cycle and have an underlying motivating force that will last the rest of your life, then it’s worth putting some thought into.


And, to be honest, this is the type of stuff that we absolutely love helping people work through.


Sometimes you need someone who is willing to sit down with you, talk about your goals and values, and help you sort through what you really want to accomplish.


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