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The 5 Best Exercises to Help You Prepare for Your European Vacation

The 5 Best Exercises to Help You Prepare for Your European Vacation

Heading to Europe this Summer? How To Physically Prepare


A European vacation can be quite the adventure, but before you climb the stairs of the ancient Colosseum in Rome, navigate your way to the top of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice, or experience the breathtaking Gaudí's Parc Güell in Barcelona, it’s important to be prepared for the physical component of what such a vacation requires:


  • Long-haul flights, potentially with multiple transfers.

  • Lifting heavy baggage.

  • Climbing stairs and navigating narrow passageways.

  • Walking all day, often on cobbled, uneven paving stones.


European Vacation: Challenges For Which You Should Be Ready


The above items can all be challenging, but the more prepared you are, the greater your chances you’ll have  a successful trip that lives up to your expectations.


In this video we will show you:


  • How to build up your fitness, stamina, and endurance.  

  • How to work on your core strength and balance.

  • Stretches which can help relieve stiffness after a long-haul flight or lengthy day of sightseeing.




Now that you have watched the video, here are some still images you can use as a quick reference guide:

Suitcase Carry


Single Arm Forward Lunge



Renegade Row


Hip Flexor Stretch


Hurdler Stretch


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