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Our mission is to empower successful men & women to become the best versions of themselves.

This means that we want to help provide a clear path to success for our members to get results and feel rejuvenated! Here is the 4-step process we take to ensure success:

STEP 1: Clarify Your Goals and Plan

It is very important to us that we know what you want to accomplish and why it is important to you. That is why we always start with our introductory consultation which you have already completed with our membership director.

It was this session that gave us better clarity on what brought you to us in the first place and what success looks like for you. It is with this clarity that we can then prepare for the next step where we will develop your plan.

STEP 2: The 21-Point Fitness Evaluation

Now that we know where you want to go, it’s time to figure out where you are! In our 21-point fitness evaluation, we will discover what areas we will need to focus on to get you results.

In this evaluation, our head fitness coach will look at your balance, strength, flexibility, core control, measurements, current habits, and then take all of this information and help you to create an action plan.

This is also where we will determine which “Mint Mastery Stage” you are in currently (more on this next) and what we will need to work on to get you to the next stage.

STEP 3: Design Your Program

Once our head fitness coach has all of the information they need, he/she will go back to the fitness lab and start building out the perfect program for you and your goals.

We take everything into account, which is why every exercise on your program will have a specific order and purpose to it.

You workout will comprise of two 6-day programs, meaning that you will do the SAME exercises for 6 session in a row and then switch to your next 6-day program.

Why 6-days? Because it has been proven that 6 exposures is needed to adapt to new movement patterns. So, we will work to get you great at those movements, and then change it up so that we keep challenging you.

STEP 4: Implement & Review

Now that your program is complete, it will be assigned to your fitness coach. They will now teach you correct technique, keep you in good form and posture as you go, and will modify and update your program as needed.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here is how an hour would look if you started at 9:00 AM:

8:50 - Arrive, get some water, get changed, and get ready!
8:55 - Start your foam rolling
9:00 - Session officially starts. Coach will help you to make sure you are doing your rolling correctly and will adjust exercises based on your needs for the day.
9:05 - Warm up begins
9:15 - Complete warm up and move to “strength” portion of workout
9:45 - Complete strength training and move to WOW (cardio/cooldown)

After about a month of training, your head coach will meet with you again to review how things are going. They will look over your goals, test those things that were most important, discuss your action plan, and then come up with your next steps.

They will continue to meet with you every month for as long as you would like. It is your choice whether or not you want to have these monthly check-ins, but we highly recommend that you take advantage of the extra support.

Regardless, it is roughly every month that your head coach and your fitness coach will meet to discuss your goals, your progress, and your program and will work together to design your next program.

We have found that a collaborative effort is ideal for creating the best programs possible, but all you need to know is that you will have a whole team of fitness professionals in your corner, helping to make sure you reach your goals!

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