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[VIDEO BLOG] Best Cardio Exercises if You Are Recovering From a Heart Attack

[VIDEO BLOG] Best Cardio Exercises if You Are Recovering From a Heart Attack


If you're currently recovering from a heart attack, there's no denying that you've just had a scare. Every year, over 700,000 Americans suffer heart attacks, and for many, it's a wake up call about their health and lifestyle.


Naturally, we don't want heart attacks to recur, so doctors often recommend incorporating an appropriate level of cardiovascular exercise into your week.


Once your doctor has cleared you to begin exercising, you will want to start slow and build up your fitness and heart health a little at a time.


Here are the most common challenges faced by those recovering from a cardiac event:


  • Fear - When you exercise, your heart rate goes up, and feeling that increased sensation in your chest can be scary at first.

  • Being out of shape - It may have been months or years since your last workout, and you're concerned that you'll overexert yourself or get injured.

  • A lack of fitness knowledge – If you weren't working out before your heart attack, you may not have any idea how or where to get started.


In this week's vlog, Coach Bradley is going to address all these concerns and more, as we help put you safely on the road to recovery.



As you know, exercise is just one part of the equation when preventing heart attacks, so I wanted to make sure we give you some straightforward nutrition advice as well.


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