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The Hidden Cost of Avoiding your Aches and Pains

The Hidden Cost of Avoiding your Aches and Pains


“Push through it.” “Walk it off!" “No pain, no gain...”


Take it from our professional experience as coaches: that kind of talk can be dangerous.


Our bodies are set up to communicate a lot of things to us, and one of the most direct ways of getting a message across is pain.

Think about it: when you accidentally touch something that's too hot, you instinctively pull your hand back to stop a much worse injury from occurring. That's self-preservation at work.


Why then do so many people try to avoid their aches and pains when it comes to fitness?


Sure, there's the muscle soreness that can come after an intense workout or after trying something new, but you know yourself enough to recognize the difference between a “good” hurt and a bad one.


Sharp pains, aches that persist for days or weeks on end, or anything that impairs your normal range of motion are all bad news.


If you've been ignoring what your body is trying to tell you, you could be setting yourself up for trouble.


So, let's take a look at what that's costing you. And if you want to learn the exact steps you need to get out of pain and get back to doing the things you love, download our Body Fix Guide today!


The Longer You Wait, the Longer Your Recovery Time


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As a general rule, one year of pain means you're in for one month of concentrated rehab to address the problem.


So, in other words, if you've been ignoring that shoulder pain since your kids were in high school, and now they’re in their late 20s, you could be looking at nearly a year of physical therapy just to get out of pain.


If you have pain that's sticking around for months or even years, it's safe to say you're never going to “push through it.”


All you're doing is continually stressing muscles or joints which have already been injured.


The sooner you can address this, the better.


By working with a personal trainer or fitness coach, you'll learn how to strengthen the area and protect it from future injury.


If you're already working with a coach, don't be shy about bringing up your aches and pains, no matter how small.


Masking the Pain Can Lead to Further Injury


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You tweak your elbow, you take some ibuprofen, right?


While that approach can help you manage pain in the aftermath of a minor injury, it's not an appropriate long-term solution.


If you find yourself popping pain killers before or after every workout, you're only addressing the symptom, not the cause.


Not to mention the fact that going into a workout with masked pain symptoms leaves you susceptible to seriously overdoing it!


Maybe your elbow didn't hurt much during the workout, so you were able to put it through a series of movements which actually caused further damage to the joint.


Now you have to take more painkillers after your workout, and the cycle continues.


Until you're able to address the root cause of your pain, masking that pain isn't doing you any favors.


Taking Time Off Can Also Prolong Your Recovery


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You're lifting something heavy, and you feel that telltale twinge in your back.


You decide that tomorrow will be best spent in bed, and that you're off the gym completely for at least a week.


Not so fast...


Believe it or not, one of the worst things you can do for an injury is stay off it completely.


As you're lying in bed with a bad back, you're not getting healthy circulation, and you're not helping build auxiliary muscles to help support the injured area.


When you try to get up the following day, your back is going to be worse.


Movement is good for you, but it's so important that you do the right movements in the right way.


No, you won't be doing heavy deadlifts right after you hurt your back, but you shouldn't lie still either. This is why a coach is so essential to your recovery.


It's important to remember that injuries don't always happen in the gym.


An injury can happen if you miss a stair, if you try to lift something too heavy, if you overextend a joint while reaching for something, or if you get into a car accident.


Any of these events can result in long-term aches and pains which originate in your muscles and joints.


Our personal trainers in Los Gatos specialize in helping people recover safely after an injury.


By working closely with you, teaching you proper form, and focusing on strengthening the affected area, you will begin seeing improvement.


Then you won't have to reach for the ibuprofen, or miss an entire weekend thanks to recurring soreness.


Muscle and bone pain can show up in anyone, at any age. It's imperative that you don't ignore it or try to continue your usual workout despite the pain.


Remember, your body knows what you need, and it's trying to tell you.


A coach can help you learn how to listen to your body and work on those sore spots without making things worse.


And if you want more information on how to get out of pain and get back to doing the things you love, download ourBody Fix Guide and learn the exact steps you need to take to start getting results now.


This will include:


  • How to prevent morning stiffness

  • Key exercises to help your sore back

  • 10 exercise you need to STOP doing

  • How to get out of knee pain

  • BONUS: How to nail your nutrition to help reduce aches and pains


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