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[VIDEO BLOG] How to Ease Back into Your Fitness Routine

[VIDEO BLOG] How to Ease Back into Your Fitness Routine

It’s almost 2019 and you may already be thinking about how you are going to get back into your fitness routine in the new year.



Unfortunately, it is all too common for people to jump right back into their previous workouts and forget that bodies need time to build back up.



If you have not trained in a month or more come January, you need to allow yourself some time to rebuild your foundation!


This doesn’t have to take long, perhaps just a week, but the worst thing you can do is turn a “Love to” into a “Can’t do” just because you went too hard.


Take running as an example. You may love running, but don’t jump back into 5 mile runs just because you were able to get those miles in over the summer.


So, as you plan your program for the new year, we wanted to give you some ideas on what you CAN do to ease back into your exercise routine.




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