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Top 3 Exercises to Do if You are Dieting (Pt. 2)

A few weeks ago, we showed you some of the best exercises for maintaining muscle mass while working to lose weight through dieting.

If you didn’t see it, check out the Top 3 Exercises to do if You are Dieting.

This week, we want to show you how to progress those exercises so that you can continue to challenge yourself.


Maintaining lean muscle mass is not just about exercising, it is about continuing to push your muscles to do more.


So, if you are ready to up the intensity from our last video, check out this week’s blog and keep your results going!  


NOTE: If you want to learn how to maintain muscle through your diet as well, download our Ultimate Fat Loss Diet & Recipe Guide.





As you know, exercise is just one part of the equation, so I wanted to make sure we give you some straightforward nutrition advice as well.


If you would like our full nutrition recommendations, download our Ultimate Fat Loss Diet & Recipe Guide today and learn about:


  • Our 7-Step Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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