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The Secret to Improving Your Golf Fitness

The Secret to Improving Your Golf Fitness

Golf is one of the few sports that you can play for life, but to keep playing, you have to stay fit and injury free.


Our goal is to help make sure you never have to stop playing golf. With that in mind, we have a secret to share…


The best way to improve your golf fitness and overall game doesn’t lie with strength or stamina – although both of those things are obviously quite important – instead, it lies with mobility.


Here are a few of our best tips for keeping you in top shape on and off the green.


It’s Not All About Strength or Power Training


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Strength training is great, and it can keep you in good condition for many different activities, including golf.


But if you’ve spent any time on a golf course, you probably already understand that strength and power are only part of the equation.


Anyone could go out there and artlessly drive a dirt clod a hundred yards; that doesn’t mean their golf game is any better for it.


The problem is, some people can get overly focused on only improving their strength, and believe it or not, that can actually have a negative impact on your mobility.


You’ve heard the term “musclebound?”


That’s not just a put-down for bodybuilders; it’s a real thing that can happen if you focus too much on building muscle mass and not enough on keeping the muscles you have flexible.


Neglecting flexibility and mobility can really hinder your game.


A Good Golf Swing Requires a Full Range of Motion


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Even the tour pros are continually working to fine-tune, correct, and make improvements to their range of motion.


Think about all the joints involved in a single golf swing: your neck, both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists, your upper back, both hips, both knees, and both ankles.


In your mind, go through a golf swing in slow motion.


Think of what a sweeping, coordinated movement that is from backswing to impact position to follow through.


Golf truly is a full body workout and you simply cannot afford to have poor mobility in any of those areas if you want to improve and continue playing.


Because a golf swing brings your body through such a huge range of motion, if you have poor mobility in a certain area, it will affect the entire swing.


Furthermore, if you try to force the issue and overextend a joint that’s already sore, injured, or has poor range of motion, you stand a pretty good chance of hurting yourself.


When your scores aren’t as low as you want them to be, it can get very frustrating.


The good news is that working on your mobility can dramatically improve your golf game.


Your Body Can Only Compensate So Much


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If you don’t have full range of motion in your shoulders or elsewhere in your upper body, you will likely try to compensate by putting more stress on your hips or lower back.


This is why sometimes, even after a relatively relaxing day of strolling the golf course, you may be dealing with pain in your back and hips by dinner time.


If you are noticing pain and stiffness, it’s time to check up on your mobility.


Sadly, there’s not much you need to do in order to wind up with limited mobility.


Something as simple as having a desk job or a long commute can really limit your range of motion over time.


Don’t lose hope though! Mobility issues can be addressed and overcome with proper fitness.


How to Spot Mobility Issues


Anyone at any age or fitness level can encounter mobility issues. To help identify YOUR mobility needs, here are a few quick tests:


1. Stand with your back flat against a wall with your feet positioned about 12 inches away from the wall (you’ll be leaning much of your weight against the wall).


Extend one arm fully out in front of you with your thumb facing up, and see if you can bring your arm all the way up to the wall over your head.


If your hand does not touch the wall, or if anything hurts, this could be a shoulder mobility issue.


2) See how quickly (and smoothly) you can move from a seated position to a standing position to a kneeling position.


If any portion of this process causes you discomfort, it may signify mobility issues in the hips, knees, or ankles.


Pay attention to what hurts and where.


3) Make an appointment with a personal trainer to have your mobility evaluated.


A fitness coach will be able to design custom workouts for you which will improve your mobility while also continuing to increase your strength and power on the golf course.


A trainer can also assess your swing and pinpoint any areas where you may be compensating or where you could improve your form.


Talking to a fitness pro is a great way to get a full analysis of your golf swing.


Our Los Gatos personal trainers are always available to help you improve your form, increase your range of motion, and bring your game to a whole new level.


Want to know how we do it?


Request our “Best Workouts for Your Golf Game” video series now and learn the exact steps you need to take to improve your game.


This will include:

  • Best exercises to add distance to your drives

  • Proper warm ups before your round to lower your score

  • How to get rid of lower back pain

  • Our 7-step core power plan (key for all parts of your game!)


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