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[VIDEO BLOG] 3 Critical Exercises to Increase Your Distance Off the Tee

3 Critical Exercises to Increase Your Distance Off the Tee


We get it.


You’re struggling to hit farther and improve your game, but you just seem stuck somehow.


Maybe you try to hit harder, but then your accuracy and form suffers.


Maybe you try to increase your strength and power at the gym but aren’t seeing the results you want.


What’s going on here?

On today’s VLOG, Coach Bradley is going to show you the three most important exercises you can do to increase your distance off the tee.





When you want to take your game to the next level, you must approach your training in a whole different way.


Upper body strength and power are important parts of your golf game, but so is mobility.


In fact, mobility might be the most important aspect of all – yet it’s the one that’s most often overlooked.


The whole idea behind a sport like golf is that it’s supposed to be a relaxing form of exercise.


It requires endurance and concentration. If you’re coming off the course stressed and upset, it means something’s wrong.


Let’s fix that.


Follow these three exercises and watch your distance improve!


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