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Why Warming Up Before Golf is Non-Negotiable

You wake up and find yourself looking out at an absolutely beautiful day. 

There’s one thing on your mind right now: you can’t wait to hit the golf course!

While the sunshine and the breeze might be beckoning, and while you might want to make sure you get a good tee time, that isn’t really a good excuse for skipping your warm-up. 

Despite the fact that it is often presented as a leisure activity, and while it can certainly be very relaxing, golf is a sport. 

Just like any other sport, you really should take the time to warm up before engaging.

Whether you are an avid lifelong golfer or a beginner, you already know that golf is a game of skill and it only makes sense to give yourself every possible advantage.

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Here are four really good reasons why you should never skip a pre-golf warm-up.

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Mobility Is Essential

Warming up means more than simply getting your heart rate going. 

It also means taking the time to stretch, wake up your muscles, and increase flexibility and mobility. 

When it comes to golf, perhaps no factor is more important than mobility.

If you do not have a full range of motion available to you, you’ll never be able to complete your best possible swing.

If you’ve ever tried to execute a full golf swing “cold” you might have noticed that at best, your distance and accuracy suffered quite a bit, and at worst, you pulled a muscle or over-extended a joint. 

A golf swing is a full-body movement which looks deceptively gentle when observed. 

But if you’ve played any amount of golf, or spent any time at the driving range, you know that it’s much harder than it looks.

Give yourself every advantage when on the course. 

Don’t wait for your mobility to “wake up” on the back nine. Get your body ready to go before you ever set foot on the green.

Brain and Body Connection Really Matters

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You’ve heard the term “Get your head in the game.” 

That isn’t just something shouted by coaches when their basketball team is down a few points, it’s a real strategy to improving your athleticism in any endeavor, including golf.

Golf is a game of millimeters. 

You probably already know that feeling when a certain hole, a certain game, or certain course just “clicks” for you and you wind up playing really well. 

This is usually because your mind and body are in sync with one another. 

There’s a lot to be said for the Zen of a golf game, because a lot of your best moments are going to happen when you feel that you are truly “in the zone."

To help make those moments happen more often, it’s really important that you take the time to warm up. 

Practicing the movements over and over again, making minor adjustments before you step out onto the course – these are all things which can help improve your game dramatically.

Your Range Time Will Better Carry Over

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When you hit the driving range, you should already be warmed up before you begin.


Because using the driving range as a warm-up in itself is doing your game a huge disservice. 

The point of the driving range is to be able to practice your swing before you get out onto the course. 

Let’s say you plan to take 50 swings at the driving range. If you are already warmed up, all 50 of those swings can be devoted to making important adjustments and perfecting minor details. 

You will already have your full range of motion available to you, and you will therefore get the most out of those practice swings.

If you show up on the range without having warmed up at all, the first 25 of your 50 swings are going to be spent warming up.

You’ve essentially lost half of the valuable practice time you would have had on the range to something that can be done with just a few minutes of concentrated stretching.

You’ll Have a Much Better Game Overall

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Here’s how you should be structuring your golf game:

1.  Warm-up – Use a foam roller to work out any sore or tight spots that have been giving you trouble. 

Take some time to stretch and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. 

Give your muscles the chance to benefit from the lengthening exercises. 

Finally, do some mobility drills to make sure you have your full range of motion. 

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2.  Practice your swing – This can be done on the driving range. 

Let your body go through the complete motion of the golf swing many times. 

Pay attention to any areas of your body that feel like they aren’t cooperating, and concentrate your energy on those areas. 

Because you have already warmed up, you’ll be able to better pinpoint exactly what is giving you trouble. 

You can have a more meaningful and focused practice session this way.

3.  Hit the links – Now that you’ve spent this valuable time warming up and practicing, you should feel more relaxed, focused, and much more in tune with your body. 

You’ve made a small investment up front so that you can get the most out of the time you’ll be spending on the course.

Remember that a full round of golf is a long game, and therefore an activity of endurance. 

Just like it would be ridiculous for a marathon runner to jump right into a race without warming up, it’s similarly difficult for a golfer to get good results without taking a little time to prepare.

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